Opinion: Modern-day students demand action via Israel war protests
Shams Mustafa 
Meredith Craig’s experience in Wayne County unmatched
Local actions matter in call for ceasefire in on Gaza Strip
Shams Mustafa 
Haley can appeal to both parties, a strong choice for president
Do one's part and vote; have your voice heard
Salaries just part of educational picture; list sends wrong message
Salaries not the problem in public schools
Trump paid me to hunt for voter fraud. He lied about what I found.
Ken Block 
Issues 1 and 2 pass, but at what cost in Ohio
Ohio lawmakers told voters to pound on marijuana. What's next.
Thomas Suddes 
Steve Pollick: We are neighbors, not strangers, living in small towns
Steve Pollick 
Guest column: Ageism continues to hinder mental health care
Diana Spore 
Ohio's youth prison conditions are despicable. Leadership change needed
The Editorial Boards 
Charita Goshay: Child labor raid in Kidron deserves more attention
Charita M. Goshay 
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Opinion: Family annihilation could be curbed through stricter gun laws
Shams Mustafa 
From the editor: Changes coming to Daily Record comics pages
Sandy Meindersma 
Labor Day: Building trades keep America running daily
Jerry Durieux 
History. meaning of Labor Day lost in the demands of the 21st century
Shams Mustafa 
Letter: HB 151 makes it impossible to teach certain subjects
Heather Sevigny 
Letter: Unitarian Universalist Fellowship's show of support stolen