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Shared Values

Our Global Supply Chain organization obtains goods and services from outside vendors that align with our , and demonstrate compliance with applicable safety, environmental and transportation laws and regulations.

Successful supplier candidates should:

  • Be financially viable
  • Be competitive and have “value added” technical, cost or service advantages
  • Be ethical, with high health, environment, safety and security standards
  • Understand Ƶ Oil’s business
  • Follow ISO or others appropriate industry procedures and processes
  • Have timely and accurate electronic invoice submission processes

New Inquiries
Interested in working with Ƶ Oil? Our Global Supply Chain team evaluates all potential suppliers.

Required Supplier Onboarding
New to Working With MRO?

Required Supplier Onboarding

All new Ƶ Oil suppliers are required to complete the Supplier Training Registration Form and associated video:

Have questions? We have the answers.
Supplier Hotline

Have questions? We have the answers.

Please direct questions regarding your registration or invoice status to the Ƶ Oil Supplier Hotline:

Phone: 866-323-1836
Email: openinvoicesupport@marathonoil.com

From the U.K., dial: 808-234-2552 (BT) or 800-068-9831 (MCL)

Supplier Resources

Helpful References and Guides