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Corporate Headquarters

Ƶ Oil is headquartered at 990 Town and Country Boulevard in Houston, Texas. You can reach our corporate directory by phone at 713-629-6600.

Contacts by Department

Talent Acquisition
Ƶ Oil Corporation
PO Box 3128
Houston, TX 77253-3128

Benefits Department
Email: ASKHR@marathonoil.com
Phone: 855.652.3067

For royalty payment and ownership inquiries:

Ƶ Oil Company
Division Order
PO Box 2069
Houston, TX 77252-9755
Toll-Free: 888-522-8871
Fax: 713-296-4490

Business Integrity Office
990 Town and Country Boulevard
Houston, TX 77024
Phone: 877-713-8314 (toll free)
Fax: 713-296-2661
Email: integrity@marathonoil.com

Business Development Office
Email: BusinessDevelopment@marathonoil.com

Guy Baber
Vice President, Investor Relations
Phone: 866-984-7755

For comprehensive information, or assistance concerning a change in registration of a stock certificate, please visit the Shareholder Services page of our website to determine the right course of action for your needs.

990 Town and Country Boulevard
Houston, TX 77024
Phone: 713-629-6600